Colon detoxification is an excellent way to improve the functioning of the colon and to boost the overall health. Colon cleanses have been present since ancient Greece.

What causes toxic colon?

One of the main ways in which the colon becomes intoxicated is through undigested food, especially meat, which causes deposits of mucus that emit toxins and thus cause weight gain, low levels of energy, headaches, and tiredness.

The important thing about colon cleanses is for them to be high in fiber and nutrients. Let’s take a look at one of the most beneficial recipes for cleansing the colon:

You will need:

An apple

A tbsp of Chia seeds

A tbsp of ground flaxseeds

A cup of water

A tsp of honey

Preparation: First, blend all of the ingredients, besides the chia seeds. Next, transfer the mixture in a glass and add the chia seeds while stirring until they fully expand, about 5 minutes.

The benefits of the ingredients

Apples contain soluble fiber that prolongs the satiety and helps with loose stool. The insoluble fiber on the other hand, adds bulk to the stool and encourages bowel movements.

Chia seeds are rich in fiber that encourages the health of the digestive tract. They’re rich in vitamins and nutrients and prolong the feeling of fullness and thus aid the process of weight loss. Their high amount of omega-3 fatty acids encourages the pumping of the heart.

Flaxseeds contain fiber that improves the absorption of nutrients by the intestines and delays gastric emptying. Their antioxidant properties promote a healthy cardiovascular system and prevent heart diseases.