As you may know, the liver is an organ that has the power to regenerate by itself. However, when the liver is too affected, that is, when a person has been diagnosed with some liver disease, this ability is prevented and a lot of other health complications can take place.

A liver disease known as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis can be detrimental if it’s not treated timely. This problem may be a consequence of obesity, weight gain or weight loss, poor diet, gastric surgeries, and intestinal diseases.

How to treat liver problems

The best way is to do this is with natural methods. One such method is to drink tamarind detox drink or tamarind detox tea. Tamarind will better the digestion, protect the liver, treat bile problems, reduce the high levels of cholesterol, and improve the overall health significantly.

For the drink, you will need:

2 handfuls of peeled and cleaned tamarind

1 liter of water


Preparation: Blend the tamarind and the water and then strain the content into a glass. Add a bit of honey if you want a sweeter taste.

Use: Drink it throughout the day.

For the tamarind tea, you will need:

25 tamarind leaves

1 liter of water


Preparation: Wash the leaves and then boil them in the water for 20 minutes. Then, remove the pot from the stove and leave it to cool down. Fill a cup and add a bit of honey if you want a sweeter taste.

Use: consume 2 cups per day, in the morning and at night.