Minati Mondal, 48, from India, struggled with severe stomach ache and acid reflux for 45 days. When she went to a hospital, the tests showed that she had gallstones. The doctors immediately said that she had to undergo surgery so that they can be removed from the gallbladder. During the surgery, the doctors were in for a surprise- they removed 12000 stones!

Probably, this is a new world record and the samples are kept in London. Prior to the surgery, Mondal felt excrutiating pain in her stomach and acid reflux for month and a half.

What are gallstones?

They’re formations of cholesterol and salts in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ which is located underneath the liver and it stores bile. There have been cases when people with gallstones experienced no symptoms whatsoever. The pain usually occurs when the formation start to block the gallbladder and as a result, the person experiences severe pain, nausea, and there is even a risk of a fatal infection.

Even though gallstones are very common, a fatty diet, especially in women, significantly increases the risk.Makhan Lala Saha, the doctor who performed the surgery said that seeing so many stones shocked the whole team because they never thought that there could be such a big amount of stones in the gallbladder.

The surgery lasted for 4 hours and the stones were tiny, i.e. about 2 mm and 5 mm. Dr. Saha is a gastrointestinal endo surgeon who has performed a lot of surgeries for removal of stones in the body, however, what was unexpected is the number to cross the 5000 mark.

The doctor also noted that he performed a surgery on a girl who had 1100 gallstones. Later on, he discovered that back in 1983, British doctors removed 3110 stones from a patient’s gallbladder. However, since 12000 is evidently much higher than this number, it appears that this is the new record of removed gallstones from a patient.