As the world becomes more and more modern, realistic looking babies, sex dolls, women made of plastic, etc. have become a part of our reality. Companies like Real Doll are known for the realistic sex dolls and now they’ve made a realistic male sex doll. These dolls work on rechargeable batteries.

According to the company, these sex dolls will respond to verbal dialog and they will outperform any other type of sex toy and probably a human partner as well. For some, this is the ultimate pleasure experience; however, others are wondering where exactly are we headed.

These sex dolls with bionic penises may even reduce the need for a real man. And, since our smart phones are slowly replacing verbal communication and now we have robots replacing actual human sexual partners, the question which arises is how isolated will our lives become?

The robots, as the company explains, are the ultimate boyfriend and they may indulge into conversations and they even have a back story, i.e. a past. Women who buy these sex dolls can do whatever they want, the choice is up to them- they can have sex 5 days per week or no sex at all, no complications, no fuss.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about male robots with bionic penises: