Although natural cures can be very powerful and effective, there are times when we need modern technology.

Patients with kidney failure need dialysis daily. A lot of them wait to get a transplant for years and years, thinking that there is no other viable solution for their problem. However, it appears that scientists from the University of California at San Francisco, USA, have created the first bionic kidney that may replace damaged kidneys.

This bionic kidney is a replica of our kidneys and it’s comprised of microchips and it’s moved by the heart. Same as our kidneys, the bionic kidney can filter waste and toxins from the bloodstream. This project may be the hope millions of kidney dialysis patients have been looking for.

What if the body rejects the bionic kidney?

According to the scientists, the chances for this are equal to zero. Amazing, right? This is because the bionic kidney is made of renal cells. The first prototype has the size of a coffee cup and it can balance the sodium and potassium levels in the body and regulate the blood pressure.

In 2015, the scientists received 6 million dollars from the Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering for the purposes of the project and it appears that the money was well spent. The lead researcher, Dr. Victor Gura said that the bionic kidney will be available for sale in 2 years.