Bunions are deformities of the base joint of the big toe. They’re salt deposits and the reasons for it are not always clear. Some contributing factors can be gout, poor metabolism, angina, flu, poor diet, uncomfortable shoes, etc. Those who have bunions often have a problem finding appropriate footwear.

How to treat bunions?

One option is surgery; however, if you’re not keen on going under the knife, you can still opt for some beneficial natural remedies. The focus is on cleaning the body from salt deposits. Let’s take a look at the recipe now:

300 ml of water

A tbsp of chopped bay leaves

A thermos bottle

Preparation: Boil the bay leaves in the water for 5 minutes and then transfer the content into the thermos and leave it till the next morning. In the morning, strain it and drink it throughout the day in small sips.

Do this for 3 days, with a fresh beverage prepared the night before. After 7 days, you can repeat the treatment. The first positive results are visible within 10 days.

Important to note: If you have a frequent need to urinate, don’t worry; this is a sign of the salt dissolving.