Often times, a lot of people wonder whether they’re having enough sex or too little or too much. Before finding out the real answer, you should know that the everyday stress you’re experiencing, along with the influence from the people around you, contributes to the quality of your overall sex life.

And, sometimes, how much sex an individual should have is very subjective, that is, for somebody, having intercourse twice per week is completely normal and enough, whereas for others, this is too little or for someone too much.

According to the Kinsey Institute, they made a research regarding how much sex should a person have and it was based on the participant’s age. These were the results:

On average, those aged 18 to 29 should have sex 112 times in one year

On average, those aged 30 to 39 should have sex 86 times in one year

On average, those aged 40 to 49 should have sex 69 times in one year

Furthermore, the research also showed that 13% of married couples have intercourse only several times per year, 45% several times in one month, 34% two to three times per week, and only 7% have sex four or more times per week.

The website Your Tango did its own survey for its married readers and their research showed the following minimum, average, and ideal number of sexual intercourse for one month:

Minimum-once per month

Average-once per week

Ideal- three to five times per week