You might not have heard of banana flower curry, but this amazingly healthy meal tastes great and also comes with a lot of health benefits. Some of its healthy benefits are stronger uterus, reduced hypertension, no constipation, improved kidney function, and regulated menstrual cycle. It’s also known to treat anemia, diabetes, etc.

The recipe

You will need:

A dozen of mustard seeds

2 tbsp of cooking oil

Half an onion, sliced

Banana flower

Two green chili peppers

A bit of turmeric

Few curry leaves

A bit of salt

A bit of coriander

A bit of hing


Crushed coconut


In a pot, pour a bit of cooking oil and add the mustard seeds. Wait for them to sputter and then add the sliced onion, chilies, and the banana flower, and stir them for a few seconds. Then, add the turmeric, curry leaves, salt coriander, the hing, and the water. Cover the content with a lid and leave it to simmer for a while on medium temperature. Afterwards, remove the pot from the stove, add the crushed coconut, and the banana flower is ready for consumption.