Baking soda has a wide range of uses, and its popularity grows as scientists come up with new findings regarding its healing power

But, did you know that you can use baking soda to improve the quality of hair? Yes, it is really effective! Baking soda will clean your hair better than any shampoo or regenerator, and the hair will have a healthy glow after just a few treatments.

You might initially be unusual to wash your hair without shampoo and foam that forms when shampooing, but be patient and wait for the final results!

First, mix 1/4 baking soda to 3/4 of water. For example, if your hair is shoulder-length, mix 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and three times more water.Ingredients mix well in a bowl, dose of them depending on the length of your hair.

Thus prepared shampoo apply the hair from root to tip and leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

After washing the hair with a mixture of baking soda, then apply vinegar to hair.

Mix 1/5 vinegar with 4/5 water, if you do not like the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of lavender, mint, rosemary or lavender oil. All the ingredients mix well. It would be best to prepare the mixture in the bathroom and immediately use.

Tilt your head forward and close your eyes to prevent the entry of vinegar in the eyes. The mixture evenly and work through the hair. Wait a few seconds and then rinse with cold water.Cold water will keep moisture in the hair, and ensure a healthy look and shine.